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Welcome! Do you believe there is something bigger than you? When did you become self aware and conscious of your existence? For me, your moderater at age 12 .. For the rest of everyone in the world -- it can occur at any age. These questions come up and regardless of everything - you are not alone. What is beginning of your awareness called - one's faith, their zen, a oneness, your enlightenment?

When you start this journey, you might want to explore your faith through your past, present and future. The downtown churches offer a little bit of something and available to everyone. -- Please feel free to visit anyone of them.

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Some of the local downtown resources we enjoy. Vistors coming to Reno Nevada are unaware of the local favorites. It's easy to go to a chain store and restaurant, but it can be more fun to explore what the locals find and like.

If you have a suggestion of what is a local favorite, be sure to send us a message and let us know. We might consider it and post it. We love input and feedback.
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Saint Thomas Aquinas Cathedral
Living Stones Church Reno
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Please feel free to visit anyone of these churches to find your faith.. begin today.

A Quotation and Poem of Hope
A friend once asked me, "Do you believe in God?" I pondered and thought for days on the question, and finally came back and replied, "Dear Friend, you ask if I believe in God. I can only say, If I believe in God as much as I believe in myself, then one day He will come back, and that will be when I must go." ~sincerely andy circa 1984 ashland oregon
Interesting Articles - Last Updated February 25, 2019

Churches, ageism, inclusion vs. exclusion, hypocrisy versus grace...

Pastor's Messages.. what they say...why... what do and don't they mean to say?...

Zeitgeist - the facts of Faith, Religion and our human condition

Acts 29, where is it in the Bible?

If you are looking to plant a church via Acts 29, its a little more interesting than one might think. I actually looked for Acts 29 in the Bible just to understand more and found that it does not exist. That link describes a cute rundown on when and why it was created back in the late 1970s --

In Heaven, why are we not tempted by the devil?

Favorite Pastor - The Message

America's Future in Faith

Growth of Reno Downtown Churches

Video Sermons - did you miss Church on Sunday?

Pho Mein
Automotive Service Center
New Life Christian Center
Trinity Episcopoal Cathedral
Church of Scientology-Sierra NV
Earth Wind Flow (Earth.nullsoft)
in case you want to observe the air flow circles of a hurricane or typhoon in the Pacific or Atlantic
in case you want to observe the US national and regional weather loops both composite and radar of rain, snow, clouds